What challenge do you face, what impact do you seek?

Great insights & content come from asking well crafted questions. Before you do anything else, understanding exactly what challenge it is you face, and what impact you are seeking.

Often the insights & content with the greatest impact for your organisation come from asking the questions that others don't ask, so don't be afraid to thinking outside the box.

For instance, if we are looking at rebranding, we not only want to uncover perceptions of our current brand, but the whole market, our competitors and substitutes. We don't only want to look for what we could change, but what we could reinvent. 

If we are looking for unique user generated content from our networks, let's really think about how to harness their passion in ways that the world has yet to see. Let's standout, think bigger, and be creative.

You have a tool for incredible insights and impact, and we implore you to think beyond the obvious and get creative.

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