Be Visual, interactive & creative!

Hey! This is video remember - so stop thinking in two dimensions, there is a whole world of unique, personal content out there to uncover so make the most of it.

When constructing questions and tasks, never stop thinking about the visual element and how you can use this to your advantage.

  • Location: Where do you want your respondents to film? In their bedroom, at work, on the street, underwater?
  • Think emotive: We'll be capturing facial reactions here, so think ahead to what could inspire more passionate, emotive responses.  Facial expressions will often tell you what a respondent really thinks, sometimes in stark contrast to the words leaving their mouth.
  • Tasks: The beauty of video is that you can get your respondents to do really useful things on camera. Test products, take you on a tour of their home or work,  even show you breakages in terms of customer support.

Tip: When setting up projects, use the "special instructions" field to direct your respondents to give more visual, interactive responses.

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