Ensure your responses are "immersive"

You'll hear us talk about immersion a lot (a LOT), because, well it can be mind blowingly insightful and engaging.

Immersion is all about receiving responses "in the moment".  That is, talking to an individual at just the right time and place to get the most insightful content you can.  For instance, this could be a consumer taste testing your new chocolates on camera, or discussing the packaging of these chocolates whilst they are actually in store at point of purchase.

Our decisions, emotive states and reactions are always circumstantial, and by focusing on this you'll gather far more reliable and engaging feedback - with insights that you would otherwise miss.  

The human mind is notoriously bad at recalling and reinterpreting past situations - one of the biggest challenges facing written feedback - which thankfully you can circumvent with Verbate.  

In addition, as video is incredibly hard to "fake" immersive responses ensure that tasks are performed in truth, which cannot be said for other feedback methodology.

E.g. Whilst on the train or platform on your way to work today, tell us how you feel in the moment and what you believe could improve your journey right now.



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