Finding external respondents

Depending on your use case, there are numerous ways to find respondents for your surveys.  First and foremost, if you are looking for consumer or business respondents we can help you find great communicators, of any demographic, anywhere in the world. Please contact Grant at

If you want to take on this challenge yourself, networks already exist that you can use, and we've the seen many brands leverage the below:

Social networks: We love this one for finding passionate individuals quickly, easily, and often with low incentive.  Use your own, your clients, or even partner social networks - leverage passion, or offer small incentives (free tickets, publicity, dicounts). Great networks are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  If you use these networks for research purposes, be aware of brand bias (though in many cases you may in fact want this).

Research recruiters: Verbate has great relationships with recruiters globally for when you need to find specific respondents. We're happy to help with your recruiting or can pass you onto partners to help fulfil this need for you.

e.g. If you're looking for mothers in Hong Kong who purchase Brand X at least once a week this is the option for you.

Existing lists and communities: Mailing lists, existing customers, forums - all these communities can be leveraged and reached into as you would with any other contact methodology. As with social networks, be aware of biases if for research purposes.

PR: Looking for contributers to a story? PR channels can help.  For instance we team up with distributers and offer free exclusive, engaging video content.  We then use this content for our own purposes too.

Adwords: Not just for advertising - we've seen respondents recruited this way too!

Under rocks: Get lifting - you never know where you'll find awesome respondents.

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