Introduce respondents

Video surveys are pretty new to the scene - over time they are becoming business as usual - but if this is the first time for your networks, a little warming up goes a long way.

Tell them why: For any survey, feedback, interview or content request you ever do, clarity and transparency is key. Make sure your respondents understand why you are asking them for content, and the impact that this will have.

Tell them how: A little explanation of how helps too. 

e.g. You'll be giving your feedback using your smartphone video. All you have to so is click this link and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Consider recording an example video: With new technology, most of us warm to examples - and often the best responses we've seen follow a little "seeding".

A great example involved internal feedback from Sales teams at a large financial company.  The CEO recorded his own video first, and shared this with the team, demystifying the process, but more importantly inspiring his team to take part, removing any need to be shy.


For research examples we have a How to & example video you can share here. or use the video below.



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