Invitations: SMS & Email

SMS and email survey invites can be found in the "Invite" tab on each of your projects, and can be used globally.

SMS invites generally receive the highest, and fastest response rates. SMS is not only urgent (average SMS is opened in 5 seconds) and trusted (99.7% open rates) but as a delivery method SMS enables you to target respondents at the most relevant time in the day.

You can target parents before school, colleagues in coffee breaks, shoppers as they are in store. This means you can capture truly immersive insights, and target people when you know they are more likely to respond.

Don't forget to customise your brand and SMS text to ensure respondents know who the invite is from.

We also have function for simple email invites when you don't have access to SMS numbers.  For bespoke emails see our section on open invites.

Tip: For large numbers of respondents, you can use the CSV import for SMS and Email found in the invites tab.  

Note: SMS has not been corrupted by marketeers yet – ALWAYS ensure you have permission to reach out to someone by SMS. You can customise the brand and message to ensure that your respondents know that your SMS is from you and not spam.

See our Blog on the power of SMS

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