Invitations: Custom / Open invites

Your open invite link can be found in the invites tab in any project.

The open invite is an incredibly powerful tool, giving you the ability to invite respondents from pretty much anywhere. This link can be copy and pasted anywhere – and when clicked on, anyone can join in your project. Here are a few examples where we’ve seen it used successfully:

Your email: Send invites directly from your own email, or to set up an email campaign using Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or another platform.

Social media: Design a nice invite to go on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We’ve seen this used extremely effectively for brands.

Offline – products & posters: Video can be requested from physical products and posters using QR codes. This works great for testimonials, content & support.

On your website: Place the link behind a button on our site for visual support requests, testimonials and gathering social content

API: We are looking to release an API later in the year which will enable you to offer video survey functionality to your users. Please get in touch with Mitch for more information.

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