Specific use case advice for crafting questions

Recruitment: The primary use of Verbate in recruitment is to help you rapidly narrow down candidates to bring to one-on-one interview status - judging their cultural fit alongside documentation they provide.  This in mind, focus on personality, presentation, communication and culture specific questions.

Immersive Research: Take your respondents on a journey with your survey, or using a number of surveys over a few days. Get to know them, then start to dig deeper into immersive, discursive responses. Use immersive techniques to capture in the moment feedback, both for insights and impact when presenting to others.  

Social content: Absolutely anyone can be incredibly creative with video - think back to the ALS campaign, which included 95% unedited content.  Verbate gives you the ability to offer a little brand direction to that creativity - focusing responses to generate the content with greatest alignment to your intended message.

Team surveys: When bringing team feedback across to video, ensure respondents understand the value of this methodology, and that honesty is key.  Don't be too forceful with question direction, but do pay special attention to pauses and facial expression and feel free to adjust questions throughout the process.

Video testimonials: Just asking for a testimonial can have mixed results - a directed testimonial that asks a customer to talk about specific attributes of your product or service is awesome. Align your testimonials to your USP's / brand values.

Events: Passion is key! You already have the immersion, so leverage that up, and think carefully about what your attendants are most passionate about - it likely aligns with your event and the message you want to communicate.


For specific use case advice, you can read our blog, case studies, or contact the team

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