Single vs multi-day surveys

Most surveys are singular, sent out and done. However for immersive and more in depth feedback, often a number of surveys over a couple of days yield amazing results.

Single survey: Use for

  • Shallow dives / quick feedback
  • Recruitment
  • Team feedback
  • Most social content
  • Testimonials


Multi day surveys: Use for

  • Immersion campaigns
  • Video diaries (inc social content)
  • Before and after videos
  • Multiple locations (i.e. at home and at work)

Multi day surveys generally follow the format below.  Remember, no survey is fixed, so you can edit subsequent days questions and tasks as you go if you see an area you would like to dive deeper into.

Day 1: Introduce respondents, talk about passions, fears, impressions and use of markets, brands and products.

Day 2: Dive deeper into specificities and product usage. Some tasks to complete.

Day 3+: More complex and personal tasks. Suggestions for creative changes, ideas and innovation.


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